Wednesday, March 26, 2003

4:36 pm
hi guys, it is raining and stuff. it was sunnier this morning, but we need the moisture. so only 2 days of school left this week! if you didn't notice, i'm counting down til spring break. today was a pretty good day, lunch was fun again... craaazy stuff. easy math, i think i'm pretty prepared for the test tomorrow. yawn. i am sighing and yawning a lot lately. maybe it's allergies. i had some green tea though. i need to get to sleep earlier, though last night i got to bed at 10:15. i made cookies, yum. i want to find more info on the oscars. i am tired, i might go rest. not much else is going on... happy birthday to maia. :) la deeeeeeee da deeeeeeeee daaaaaaaaaaaa. boredness is nice sometimes, hehe. oh yeah i am rereading "a stitch in time" by ann rinaldi, it's an awesome book, read it.

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