Tuesday, March 18, 2003

4:35 pm
scary scary times... my dad is in dc at the moment til thursday, a place i really don't want him to be right now... god please keep him safe and all of us safe as well. but i cannot waste time worrying about the 30 hours saddam has to get out of iraq or what could happen because i'm just too busy living life. that's what we have to keep reminding ourselves. i wish we had youth every night; that would make me feel a whole lot better. bush's speech scared me in a way, i don't know if i support this war or not, but i do want peace. that is a bit mixed up. hot tea sure makes a cold body nice and warm. even if i just put my hands on the mug. brrr. ahh. tomorrow is a youth council meeting, i hope george and i can work on the play posters. that would be muchos fun. ai yi yi for... everything. well, not everything, there's always good stuff going on in the world but with all this war stuff people can't see it as easily. i sure hope the oscars don't get cancelled. ooh, this is an email i just got:

Dear All,
After watching the address to the nation President Bush made tonight, I have realized that the next 48 hours of our lives could lead to a permanent impact on our country and our world. Powers could be overthrown, coummunities destroyed, and lives taken. Though we are past the point of return and war may seem inevitable, I hope that peace and tolerance may be obtained as soon as possible so that we may save the lives of Americans, others across the globe, and the future of the world.
I ask that tomorrow night at 8:00, all of you, no matter what your religous or spiritual beliefs may be, stand for five minutes with me in prayer for a peaceful resolution to this world crisis. Prayers, meditation, or simply wishes and hopeful thoughts will be requested and welcomed. I also ask that you forward this message to as many people as you can. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and an even bigger thanks to all of those who choose to stand up for this cause with me. I pray that our hopes and dreams of a future without war, violence, and terrorism will come to be a reality as time passes.
Best of Wishes

i guess that "tomorrow" is tonight. i'll certainly do it, and i hope you will too. peace to all who dwell on earth. i love you all very, very much. stay safe.
-clairey:) smile, be happy

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