Thursday, March 13, 2003

4:34 pm
Ahh it's thursday!!!!!! joy joy joy. well not as good as friday but still really good. not too much homework tonight, thank goodness. mommy has gone to the beach, no fair, i wanna goooo... whine whine. anyway. today was actually a very good day. went to breakfast club, since it's finally back on track after the busy winter months of working on the play. amy drove me to school and it was a pretty good day. paul came over to our table during lunch and i drilled him on his lines for drama, and melissa drilled nazia- "dear, DEAR gwendolen"... hahaha. the math test wasn't too horrible, i was proud of myself because i got the two quadratic problems right!! and i know i got the last one right i think, because i was so detailed. good stuff. ok peace yall, that's all i have to say... except it's SPRRRRINNGGG!!! & i adore spring!!! :)

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