Wednesday, March 05, 2003

4:07 pm
so today is ash wednesday. hm. i am trying to decide if i should give something up or do whatever, you know? i usually haven't in the past but i figure it would be a good time to start. maybe sodas or something, because i don't drink them too much anyway. maybe i should just try and see the bright side, or not be as stressed as i usually am. i can't go to the service tonight, but i am meeting w/ amy to plan youth sunday. fun, fun. it feels really nice outside today- we had a fire drill at 3 pm today, which is really late if you ask me. but you didn't. katie is coming home for spring break next week!! yay!!! i hope she will stop by youth, and maybe we could even go out to lunch next saturday. that would be awesome. so anyway, i guess i should go do my homework since i have to leave in a little while. cookies warmed up in the microwave are yummilicious. i just took my inhaler so my hands are a bit shaky. ha, first i wrote"skay". ok anyway. goodbye,

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