Sunday, March 30, 2003

2:21 pm
bonjour all you fine peoples. claire is happy because 52 weeks ago exactly she wasn't feeling too great since she was lying on her grandparents' couch eating easter lunch with pneumonia, and in a little while she would be headed to the hospital for five days. so even if i have a cold, i am extremely grateful that i don't have that pain in my side anymore. phew! today i showered and went to starbucks for a minute for breakfast, and then sang in church avec mes amis in the choir. it was fun, but a long service. and my voice is not in the greatest of shape either, but ah well. then went to the club with logan, mom, dad, nana, and pop pop. last night's party was a lot of fun! everyone told a nana memory, many of them nana cursing memories (including mine- "damn that bus!" in dublin, hehe). it was hysterical and it made me realize that even if my aunts and uncles can be so different in so many ways (especially in their political views, hmmm), they are still connected by their childhoods- even though the range of ages is 36 to 51- and all those memories. i love it. sometimes i wish i had more brothers and sisters than i had, but i still love having a big extended family. they are fun and they never fail to make me laugh. in a bit i have choir and stuff, but i need to finish writing my draft of my cormier research paper and those square root problems- grrr. i also need to call elleny. tonight is missions night and me and alex wanna do boogaloo! but i dunno if my voice can stand it. a week from today i will be overjoyed because i will have no school for a week. god i can't wait! :)

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