Saturday, March 01, 2003

2:20 pm
ahhh i love saturdays with no homework and it's cold and rainy outside and we have a nice new comfy sofa and a fire in the den. amazing contentment. this morning was zach's bar mitzvah & it was a very cool experience to go to. i had never been to a temple before and i enjoyed it. then we had a bit of a lunch afterwards and came home. i had tea and now am doing nothing. tonight is a party for zach and i think we are going to go since mason's fever is down. i want to tape some britcoms though, because there is an hour of "as time goes by" and then "remembering mollie sugden" which is a ton of behind the scenes stuff from "are you being served?" i wonder if she died. hrm. love those britcoms, i used to watch them a lot more than i do now, mainly because they are all reruns. they also really don't play the vicar anymore which makes me sad because it is a great show. i do love judi dench and geoffrey palmer on ATGB. excellent actors, remind me of a british nana and pop pop. ha i just read my horoscope and it said i could have a touch of flu sometime in march... but i am going to prove it wrong. those things aren't right anyway. although it it definitely clear i am a libra. anyway. i am going to go relax more. i like doing that!

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