Sunday, March 16, 2003

2:12 pm
good afternoon to all on this fine spring day (getting finer as we speak because the clouds are finally moving away). good day so far at church, although now i get to study for my midterm, oh joy, elation, goodie. groan. but before all that, woke up around 7:15 to get to church by 8.. had a good service both times round, though i think the 10:50 went better. it was a ton of fun, i loooved walking down the aisle and singing "down to the river to pray"- such a gorgeous song. and eric was there!! home for spring break! yay. i need to get him his cd. the seniors' talks were great; i think i especially liked buffy's, about living your life to the fullest. and i'll tell ya, the children's sermon was funny too. alex & di did a great job but i loved it when audrey started talking about titanic- "well, there was a shipwreck... and there were these two people.. and the man dies and the woman lives!" (this is a 7 year old folks) it was great. hehe. ugh i have the hiccups on a full stomach. then after church we went to the club and mary and alice came as well. had good food and tea and stuff and then got home a bit ago.. and mom got home from her trip! yay! this afternoon i may head over to megan's to do some studying for the horrible, horrible midterm demain (aaaack- positive thoughts, positive thoughts) and then it is fun night at youth. games and such. i love all my bros & sises there, esp. the older ones that are going to be leaving soon! saaad days ahead. anyway. peace, love, safety, be well, do good works, keep in touch, blah blah blah...

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