Saturday, March 29, 2003

2:06 pm
yaaawn i didn't write yesterday obviously. but it was friday, and good news- i got a 94 on my math test!!!! heeheeeheee yayayayay. then last night i went to see "robin hood" @ lakeside- it was good, but ours was better. but then again, i'm biased. leigh was awesome though! then i came home and watched "miss congeniality" on tv w/ mom and mason and dad. it is a great movie, i love sandra bullock. then this morning i woke up around 9 and mom and i went to panera for breakfast. i got an asiago cheese bagel and a hot chocolate. we then went to the mall and got a ton of springy clothes for moi. it was fun, but tiring. then we came home and i am doing this after watching some tv and eating lunch and having green tea to help me with my cold (yes, it's either allergies or a headcold or both). in a little while i have to go to help with the drama club yard sale, but that should be fun. then, later tonight, my crazy family is coming over to celebrate my grandparents' birthdays. it should be a lotta fun, but it means i need to go clean up my room. peace everyone! love you guys

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