Sunday, March 09, 2003

1:48 pm
hi guys, the rest of yesterday was so much fun!!! i pretty much spent homework time writing my narrative for ireland- get this- i am on the day we got there and i am on page 12 (it's double spaced) so i think i am going to try and cut it short... but it is SO hard to cut short!!! everything that happened is important! anyway. so around 5 yesterday, megan and marty and victor came over!!!! :):) we had a grreat time. love those guys. we hung out in my room, played and kicked the big green ball outside, tried to swing on the rope swing, the alarm got set off (hehe), then we walked to SMS and around the track and around the school back home and megs jumped onto the sidewalk everytime there was a car and she was getting weird looks.... ha. then we came back home and watched "newsies" and ate pizza from athens!! it was fun, megs had never seen it before and it was so funny because she was shrieking.. hahahahahaa. poor victor, sorry. then we had ice cream and went upstairs and danced to disney songs in front of my full-length mirror. good, good times. then this morning it felt SO good outside, it is such a gorgeous spring day so i wore all blue and my white spring shoes to church. went to starbucks, then sunday school (reminder- read mark and look up passion), then church where i sat w/ allie, emsy, george, and chris. then went to lunch w/ nana and pop pop and mom and mase and are now home. i definitely have to finish my homework and then we have choir and youth- planning youth sunday, which is next weekend. and katie should be on her way home now!!! yay!! safe trip to dearest sister and i hope i see her soon! peace to all

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