Saturday, March 08, 2003

11:20 in the AM
good morrow to all you fine peoples out there. ah, it is a saturday, that is a wonderful thing in the life of clairey. anyway. the continuation of last night was fun, i found a whole stash of people magazines at my aunt's house so i read through those... they can be trashy but they're still definitely enjoyable. so mom and dad and brother and uncle all got in and we all had taco soup with sour cream and fritos and shredded (haha, i almost wrote shreeeded) cheese- yummy stuff, dudes. hung out and talked and such, and finally we went home, and it took us about an hour to get there too, partly because of the tanker accident from the afternoon. but we got home and i made my ever present wonderful (decaffinated!) tea and watched the tape of "as time goes by" from last weekend. it was fun to watch. jean and lionel definitely remind me of a british NN & PP. hehe. interesting to think about. so then i went up to bed. today i slept til about 9:15ish and then got up and showered, took vitamins, had hot tea, had some pork for breakfast because i couldn't figure out anything else (and i need to begin lunching it soon as well... hrm, what to do, what to do) to have (it sucks being a picky eater most of the time)(wow, lots of parentheses today)... then came downstairs and wrote more of my personal narrative of my trip to ireland, of which the first draft is due monday. it's really neat to write because i am bringing back a lot of those memories, and i have a ton of postcards i wrote to people but didn't ever send, so i have those to add in! then i have math homework and a little more of english, and i want to finish it all today so tomorrow can be a peaceful but runaround sunday as it usually is. ah i am about to, false alarm. marty and victor and maybe other people are coming over this afternoon and tonight for dinner and hang out time!! YAY! i miss all my homefries since there are no more rehearsals. once a week for some of em is just not enough! and i think we should watch "newsies", or @ least listen to the cd because if you refer to my archives from march 7-8 (that's today) of last year, that is the first time we ever watched it in chorus! an anniversary of sorts, haha. claire is silly this saturday morning. ok ciao and have a gorgeous day, darlings! :)

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