Saturday, March 22, 2003

10:29 am
hihihihihihihihi it's such a gorgeous first saturday in spring!!!! i loooove it. spring cleaning at the clairey house it seems, moving furniture and mopping and such- i need to clean my room as well, but also work on my research paper and do my silly math that i don't understand so far. right now i am yummily sipping wonderful green tea with honey and stuff. makes me feel warm, haha. ok i am in a silly happy mood today. i just love it that it's spring, makes everything seem not as bad in the world to me, though i know it's not true. the front page of the paper, "baghdad burns", does not seem very warm and silly and happy. sigh. god make it be over soon. i need to go do something other than this like maybe eat lunch (i know, really early, but i want cheesecake! hehe) or clean my room or a number or other things. love you all

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