Saturday, February 22, 2003

almost 11 am
HI GUYS!!! WE DID IT!!!!! opening night went very well. there were a few tiny slip ups but nothing too major, and what can you expect anyway? i had never tried on my stupid mike before so it took us forever to get it on, meaning i got out there a little late, but oh well, it still worked. song went well, i was straining on the high notes a little but i really have not talked at all today so hopefully that will take care of itself (i also drank tea and honey and stuff). a hysterical thing was in the second act when matt asks thomas "did god say it was all right papa?" and right after that the "staff of adam" CRASHED to the ground right next to them!!!!! hahahah. thomas did a great pause, then smiled and said- "no". the audience was cracking up! hehe. hopefully the light crew will do a little better... it's okay daniel! just fade out at the end of act one and also when chris dies. tonight will probably go better though- tonight lizzie and ronnie are coming, so are nana and pop pop, paul, julia and some others of her family, gwen might come too (her mom was there last night- good to see her!), and hopefully mary lynn. molls, laura, mike, etc. are probably coming sunday. last night a huge group of us walked to everybody's but there wasn't enough room, then to park bench but it was over 18 night, to panera but it was closed, and then some of them went back to everybody's and got seats but me, marty, victor, chris t., becca, anna, and ben just walked back to church and hung out on the stage for awhile. mom and dad got me a mocha buttercream cake from the german bakery!!! yummm. so i haven't had breakfast but it's 11 so i am going to go eat "lunch" and then have some more cake! heehee. i suppose i should actually work on homework sometime but i don't wannnnnnaaaa (whine whine). ok ciao, i'm looking forward to tonight! hope sheridan feels better- i need to call her!

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