Friday, February 28, 2003

9:55 pm
hey guys and gals- ahhh, it is friday, claire is happy. the happier note- no homework except look over IB stuff for essay!! joy joy joy. esp. no mathematiques, que je deteste. bad news- mon frere has the flu!!! yikeseez. we know how paranoid clairey is now since she hasn't been sick since april (go me!!) and doesn't want to get sick again, esp. since she has a cold now. wheeze wheeze cough cough. but i went to see marietta today and she just gave me a schedule to use my inhalers on and hopefully that'll kick in and help some. then i went to crescent moon with dearest molls and her fam- had yummy cuban and mac and cheese and coke. then went back to her place and chilled for awhile. i am tres happy for her but i also wish i was a little more happy at the moment. it's really nothing, i just miss seeing all my youth friends everyday since the play is over. i need people to take up my time but i don't really live near anyone i am close to. if only i lived in the DH area.... ahh that would be so wonderful. close to school, church, grandparents, friends, the village... god i could love it there. i do love it there! the nice thing is i can go to starbucks and church sunday and then go to the club for ML's bday thing and then go to nana's afterwards to hang out til 3 when G & B are sposed to get in and then celebrate w/ them, then go to choir at 5, then go to square dance, and not have to worry about homework. nice situation. one less week of school. i really like school, but this semester i just don't have classes w/ many friends which makes me sad. at least i can eat lunch w/ nazia and martha and lizzie- but paul doesn't sit w/ us anymore which sucks because i always like sitting w/ him. summer will be a very nice break i think. plus, youth week is at epworth, which is such a glorious spot. yayayay. wish i was going to good ole ireland- i love the irish! but maybe next summer or something. i have my 400something pictures and my cds and my memories. jeez i am writing long tonight aren't i? i feel like i need to get something out, but i don't quite know what. it's a bit like that time last year when i was bored and wanted something exciting to happen, but not really. i don't know. it seems like whenever i wish for something it might happen but not exactly like i want. ok i am blabbering majorly now but hey, i do not care. i should drink camomile and get to bed. but i want to keep writing, keep writing for something, for myself. typing is such a wonderful thing because it is so darn fast and easy for me and it's just plain fun, especially when i know what to write, which i really don't right now. i really feel like i need a kindred spirit but i'm not sure who it is right now. i hope i can be shown who it is very soon. it's not that my best friends aren't kindred spirits, they are, i just don't see them enough because most of them are at church and that is once a week and stuff and sometimes that's just not enough. it's just that... i dunno what i am trying to say anyway. yeeeeesh clairey. calm it down a bit. you need your dearest sleep. confusion of life, how annoying and yet how needed and real and wanted. okay i guess that is all now. peace and stuff :)

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