Sunday, February 16, 2003

9:11 pm
so i have had this blog for a year tomorrow!!! i am printing it out tonight. wow that is craaazy. anyway, today was a fun fun day. went to starbucks (oh by the way- yesterday it was so nice- really felt like spring. but today mother nature had to go and get rainy and COOOLD again. hmph, thanks a lot), spilled hot chocolate on myself in the car as we all know is bound to happen to claire as always. then went to a bit of sunday school, then had to go to the sanctuary to practice "children of eden" which we sang with buffy as wonderful soloist. so we practiced and then sat in the pews. there were a lot of babies there today! so cute! me (in a note to buffy): the children are in sweat and pain? buffy: yeah and then i killed them with a hymnal! hahahaahahaha. (just like yesterday at practice when i was "beating" chris with "a rock"- air, at this point- "diane, you're supposed to be pulling me off him.... DIANE!!!!!!") good service, good times. then went to the club w/ nana and pop pop and mom and dad and mase. mom was a dear and took me back to church in the middle of her lunch so i could try on my costume, etc. did that, had rehearsal from 2-5:30. learned the last song, called "in the beginning"- hehe. it is really great, i know i am going to cry, at least on sunday. it's horrible to think that at this time next week it will all be over. such a dang letdown that i loathe. austin and thomas's duet is going to make me cry too. yeesh. heck, i'll probably be crying when i beat chris to death. it went well, but we are all very tired. we need to focus!!!!!!!! "3 more rehearsals" (in the tune of "in the beginning"...)!!! then walked over to the yaab, collapsed in amy's office in a chair; so did austin, and alex almost went to sleep on her couch. we did not want to move but then mollie and her dad brought pizza that was NOT domino's, so all the more reason to get up and eat. then had a fun time playing brain fry with all those above listed and also chris, bo, megs, becca, george, george (the counselor), kathleen, etc. etc. etc. then talked about stress, then ate ice cream, then hung out and talked, and then had a worship planned by MOI. heehee. then came home. now i am planning on printing out my "book of blog", possibly watching a bit of tv (thank god for all the presidents and their day, no school demain!!!!), then sleeping til probably 10 in the morning, then working on homework and practicing musical music. oh yes and i should drink a lot of tea and orange juice for vocal cords and vitamins respectively. god please guide us all in our journey this week through hectic and stressful tech rehearsals and dress rehearsals, AND performances, which are all crazy but such a great time and such an adrenaline rush. thanks for all my friends who are here to support me through this. i love em all to death, near and far, college and high school and middle school, etc. etc. etc. oh yes- got an email from katie today!!!! YAY! good to hear from sister. okay, print time... hot off the press. wow, a year. that is scary.

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