Sunday, February 09, 2003

9:10 AM
i am up early this morning! well, not really early, but am off to break my fast avec sister molls in a few at our beloved starbucks hangout. then church, then i get to come HOME for a few hours (gasp), then back to fellowship hall for rehearsal and then choir and then youth.hopefully i can get my math homework done at home. i am reading this excellent book called "the other boleyn girl" that daddy brought me back from his trip. i wanted it for christmas. it is a great book by philippa gregory. ok i need to go, last night i watched "a midsummer night's dream" (with hot christian bale! heehee) by myself cause dad and mom were at cheryl's birthday party and guess what? MOLLIE WAS THERE TOO BUT MASON NEVER TOLD ME SHE CALLED!!! grrrrr. okay well breakfast is good too and i need to leave if i am gonna be on time! love you all, C

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