Sunday, February 02, 2003

7:33 pm
hola, comment ca va? (french and spanish in the same sentence... ah well) today was a regular sunday, for the most part. went to starbucks with mason and got a butter croissant and hot chocolate (yum), then walked up to sunday school. they are doing something awesome this year for confirmation, they are having sunday school with the friends in faith. that is so smart, i wish they could have thought of that when we were doing it. hmph. anyway, had fun sunday school with john, talked about columbia and such. then walked to church with allie (while belting out her solo in "wasteland"...hehehe), who was asked to acolyte. ended up sitting upstairs with molls, mason, cole, sarah, reid, matthew, and chris (who went outside halfway through to read his book for school). oh and alex and amy were near us too. ushered some and helped with communion, then went to the club with dad, mase, nana, poppop, and clare. good stuff. THEN went to nana's house for like 10 minutes and walked to the yaab from there. it is such a gorgeous day outside, feels like april or something. met chris and amy at the yaab around 2:30 and we made the new bulletin board for billy brown and the musical and such. then we went to rehearsal, which went (surprisingly) well. austin is doing great, so are diane and buffy. so rehearsal was a success (in my opinion- better than yesterday, definitely). then the bravest of us stayed for choir. uneventful. then mase and i left and so now we are home and dad and mase walked the doggies and i finished watching "shakespeare in love". excellent movie, sad ending of course. now am down here answering email, etc. have a review of the romeo and juliet we saw on friday to write. i want to get to bed at a good hour! daddy is making me a grilled cheese s/wich so peace and love

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