Friday, February 07, 2003

6:15 pm on the nose
bonjour, or should i say bon soir, c'est vendridi!!!!! yayayayayayay. (i like that) got spotlights today, we have a durn good school newspaper. tonight we are doing nothing, having fettucini alfredo and mom and i (no matter what mason says) are probably gonna have an LOTR night. hehehe. haven't had one in awhile so we deserve it! the only stuff for tomorrow is rehearsal (i really should make sure i know where i need to be and my lines, esp. for the ring of stones scene)... TWO WEEKS FROM TONIGHT IS OPENING NIGHT!!!! THAT IS VERRRRRY BAD!!!!! AND SCAAAARY! we just started act II on monday night!! ahhhhhhh! ok stressing is over.. we always get it done, always, always, always. i mean, weren't we learning choreography for pharaoh's song 3 days before opening night for jeeeeOseph? seriously. it'll be fine. and fun. sistah e says she is going to come, i need to send out another mass email though. i love do-nothing friday nights. i should clean my room though. i have so much fun at lunch now that lizzie and nazia and martha and paul are there- that makes me happy. we laugh a lot. hunger... hopefully we will eat soon. i need to get together with molls, i miss seeing her! ciao ciao ciao

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