Thursday, February 13, 2003

6:05 pm
aloha aloha. talkin with my wonderful cousin mary online, miss her much. today was an easy day and tomorrow shall be even easier since it is a half day and i have no math and therefore no math homework for the entire 3 1/2 day weekend!! joy! but stressing because we have 4 hour rehearsal saturday and 3 hour sunday, but it is relaxation night at youth, thank god! hehe. 8 days til opening ngiht, dear lord help us. i finished "the other boleyn girl"- very good. wish george hadn't died though. ah well. miss college folks, should write them letters. i think i will since i do not have much homework tonight. hungry, hungry. okay gonna go do something else now, i am going to print out this whole year's worth of blogs on the 17th. that will be cool, it's over 100 pages. wow.
-clee (hehe)

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