Wednesday, February 26, 2003

4:50 pm
nothing to do today either..... siigh. made cookies, had tea. last night i got to bed a lot easier because i didn't have chcoolate (caffeine), and i had camomile tea before bed. it is rainy and wet and cold outside. i am definitely looking forward to square dancing the night away on sunday! hehe. i miss seeing all my home fries @ rehearsals since there aren't any. my jaw hurts and so does my back and so do my knees. aches and pains. ah well, c'est la vie, eh? i want to go back to ireland. i miss it. ok i must depart to go read foxtrot and have cookies and blow my nose (yes, way too much information right, but it's what happens when you read my blog and i have a cold). hello to all you fine people out there and stuff. email me, i love email. OUCH! stupid jaw. :) -clairey

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