Wednesday, February 05, 2003

4:50 pm
hi, c'est mercredi! wow, some french is still in my vocabulary. went to pat's and had a really quick appointment. ooh i got an email from rebekah! yay. no rehearsal tonight for non-noah family people, so we are going to cheryl's "yoga class" (will tell you what it really means later) instead. happy news- i got a 90 on my math test!!!!! *grin* yay! that is so awesome. i have "that's what it means to be a father" stuck in my head... grrr. good song, but TIRING and BORING after awhile. salmon for dinner! 2 years ago yesterday me and laura came up with "baaaaa" and "jeeeOseph"! wow. that was a zillion years ago it seems, or maybe just yesterday? time works in mysterious ways. dumdadumdadumdadumdadum. i have been doing that a lot lately. gotta respond to bek's email, ciao

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