Friday, February 14, 2003

4:34 pm
i looooove half-days!!! went to school, then afterwards mom picked me up and we went to panera- i saw annie and her sister and katie too. annie said she can probably come to the play, yay! had half an italian combo and a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup with dr. brown's cream soda. then went to office depot so mom could buy a ledger for a prop for the show and a new address book for me, replacing the one she accidently threw in the trash. :) then came home, had a dove bar (mom's valentine's present to me and mason, and dad got me a book called "guenevere: queen of the summer country"- oh yeah, i forgot it was valentines... whoops), etc. watched "fresh prince" and then took a nap for about an hour and a half on the crash pad while mason read. now i am down here, checking email and i need to fill in my new address book. also need to PRACTICE MUSIC MAJORLY!!!!! and there is a tv show on tonight, "best tv weddings ever" or something, on nbc so i wanna watch that too. "RAIN rain until the end of time, RAIN and let the rage- and let the raging skies... i made everything, everything of nothing, now nothing will remain..." sistah e says she is coming to the sunday show!!! YAYAYAY! relaxation night at youth on sunday, thank god don't we all need it for this upcoming week? sheesh. ok gotta go, peace yall

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