Tuesday, February 25, 2003

4:34 pm
aloha, back to school and no rehearsals!! which is good but bad. got pictures back from CVS yesterday- showed them to buffy, di, kat, and laura today... hahaha that one of buffy and alex is classic. also the one of me "hitting" chris with a soccer ball. i have bo's song stuck in my head. runny nose, sniffy, cough. colds rule, don't they? anyway. maybe i can go to WNS tomorrow since i have nothing else to do. math test tomorrow and i have to write the introduction for my romeo and juliet essay. that is all my homework! though i want to do well on math test. i have several emails from awesome people! yay, love that. yummy fettucini noodles too. "if they finally wash away the stain... of a daughter of the race of cain, i am not a stranger to the rain... let it rain!" oooh pretty. 59 days of school!!!! *grin*. can you believe i am counting down this early? last year i was counting down about a month before! but see i am also sad about this year ending because the seniors will be leaving. love these seniors. ah well, i'll still keep in touch. okay ciao
molls- email me!!!! :-D

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