Monday, February 10, 2003

4:27 pm
ughhhh i despise math so much. it is just not easy for me, and i can grasp a concept but can never apply it; had a bit of a frustration sob when i got home from school this afternoon, having math the last period of the day is not so excellent but ah well. good news is i don't have it friday because we have early release!! yay! yesterday was a blast. church and stuff was fun, esp. eating with mollie and just talking. i love her to death, she is most definitely the sister i never had. :) emotional moment. anyway, then rehearsal went very well, i loved learning the dance for "ain't it good"! it is so much fun- box steps and such. hehe. rehearsal tonight til 9:30, thank god they are extending it because we have 11 DAYS!!! yikes. then we had choir and then youth, which was a fun sr. high program with dr. mallard. me, buffy, molls, austin, megs, chris, alex, ann, ben, ben, george, george, beth, rob. me and mollie and megan- MARY POPPINS!!! hehehehe. and then we had free time and sang COE and Joseph! and george sang some of les mis as well. i need that cd! i love the name eponine. then watched jr. high skits, then had a squeeze prayer and hug circle which i loved! fun fun. 3 1/2 days left of school this week! gotta go walk the doggies avec ma mere. peace...

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