Thursday, February 06, 2003

4:14 pm
yaaawn, tomorrow is friday, thank god and i am not doing anything after school except for maybe going swimming avec mother. it is so chilly and rainy and ugly and disgusting outside. just "bleeech!" but we need the rain and stuff. last night was so much fun at cheryl's surprise party! she was completely shocked, and those cakes from allon's were heavenly rich. good times. cold hands. chik-fil-a in about 15 minutes for dinner (i know, really early) because i have a chorus rehearsal from 5-7 (grr) and then i am going to megan's for tutoring with kirsten. very confusing. grr, je n'aime pas slope... hrm.ah well.. almost done with my 3rd journal since july, those little black book ones... now on to the purple one from christmas! "red rock and outcrop stone and the sun glares off a bleaching bone there's no comfort or softness here, there's only the wasteland..." NOTHING TO DO TOMORROW NIGHT! joy, elation, goodie!! yayayayay. such a thing to look forward to. i am really enjoying "romeo and juliet", zefferelli's version is really good. guess i should probably go upstairs and get ready to leave (right after i got home). siigh, busy life. who would have it any other way though?

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