Thursday, February 27, 2003

4:12 pm
grrr i am mad at myself a bit because i thought i would do better on my proofs test than i actually did. i despise geometry. at least tomorrow is friday, but after school i get to go see marietta because i am wheezing! oh joy! (sarcastic joy of course) this sunday is the square dance, which will be muchos fun. youth council is dressing up, hehe. i have "me name is sam hall" or whatever it's called stuck in my head and when i sing it (i only know part of it), i see eric, david, austin, and george standing around singing it. it's funny. zach's bar mitzvah is this weekend, and also a lot of "as time goes by" and "are you being served". also, gabe and bekah are coming in for the jewelry show and gabe's bday is sunday. twenty-nine! god, scaaary. mary lynn's birthday is tomorrow! coool. tonight, actually at 4:30, i have to leave to get a chik-fil-a and then get to school again for chorus rehearsal til 7... do not want to go, but oh well. i only have to read through my essay and make sure it is good and then try and do stupid stuff with compasses and triangles for geometry. jeez it bothers me. ai yi yi. wheeze wheeze, cough cough, sniff sniff. :) peace

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