Tuesday, February 18, 2003

4:11 pm
hi, i have to go to rehearsal at 5:40 in order to be there around 6 for makeup and stuff and then of course 7 is rehearsal start. I HAVE TO CHANGE COSTUMES SO MANY TIMES IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY!!! and it is the same two costumes, one for cain and one for storyteller, over and over and over... halfway thru the 1st act i change to cain, at the end of the first act i am a storyteller again, at the beginning of the 2nd act i am cain, then right after that i am a storyteller the rest of the time and i won't even have time to change back to cain for curtain call- ahhhhhhh!!! yikes. tech #1 went pretty good last night. yawn. i have to turn the boiling egg noodles off in a few minutes for beef stroganoff, also have to do proofs for math (grr) and work on shakespeare portfolio. i am sort of almost done. la dee da dee da. okay gotta go turn off egg noodles and such ~~~claire~~~

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