Monday, February 24, 2003

11:48 am
oh my gosh this did not just happen!!!!! i had written about half of what i wanted to say and then it all erased suddenly!!!! grrrr. ok i guess i should start over. it is over. i cried a lot last night, because i loved this show and i love these seniors and i do not want them to leave and i don't want it to be over. but the truth is, we couldn't have taken another show. we are all getting sick; i for one have a pretty bad cold, with a sore throat, cough, stuffed up and runny nose, etc. moan. groan. anyway, i think saturday's show went the best. it was fun, paul and other people came. afterwards we all went to zesto's, plus a lotta dhhs people. then we drove marty and victor home- they are so awesome and fun, i am so happy they were in the show and are in the youth group! yayayay. dhhs vs. lhs, hehe. and newsies of course. then yesterday, went to starbucks, then church for awhile, then to the fellowship hall to eat sandwiches and get ready for final show. sniff sniff. it went pretty well, the senior pranks were very good.
buffy- father, what's that OVER the hill?
austin- oh, that's the music director!
the other great one was-
buffy- but father, why can't we know everything you know?
austin- I KNOW! let's play a game!
(buffy looks extremely freaked out because this is the entrance to a song that we cut; diane knows about it and plays along)
diane- what kind of game?
austin- the sleeping game. go to sleep.
my solo didn't go as well as i would have liked it to, but my voice is lucky to have held out this long. i really treasured this part of cain because it is so different from my regular self. and i love the song.
so it was over and then we all went to george's (the counselor) lovely house. it truly is gorgeous. there is a heated floor that we all went crazy over! had pizza, chips, drinks, danced around to beatles songs, went outside and sang irish drinking songs. had tons of fun for about 3 1/2 hours. sigh and now it is over. i cried like crazy when i got home. oh yeah- mollie was there of course!! :) and elizabeth and marty the director were there!!!!!! craaziness! marty- wow, you've come a long way since potiphar! (to austin) hehe. then i woke up this morning and i was supposed to maybe go to the IB writing assignment thing at school but mom talked to the teacher and i am going to do it on a makeup day. i have a ton of work to do and stuff.. grr. ok i need to go. cough cough cough, lost in the wilderness...

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