Saturday, February 01, 2003

10:34 pm
i have been posting very late it seems.
today was fun! and sad. was listening to NPR and scott simon like a normal saturday morning when news broke about COLUMBIA disintegrating (sp?) in the sky. god be with all the families. horrible- we do take shuttle missions without problems for granted. sigh. watched some of "shakespeare in love" (was inspired by the play yesterday) then i went to rehearsal- twas full of train wrecks but it's to be expected. at first wes was changing all my notes in the song so i could hit them in the right octave and still sound like a guy but when we actually ran it i couldn't do it and stopped and said "wes, can i just do it how i know it for now please?" he said yes and afterwards said i could just sing up the octave and go lower on certain parts. yay! and when i started "beating" chris, people were cheering! awful but funny but energizing at the same time. haha. and buffy's hysterical "AYYYYBLLE!!!!!!" in her best scarlett southern belle voice. then dad picked me up and we went to panera and ate dinner, then i went to megan's (i have been going over there a lot lately!! jeez) and then we went to STUNT NIGHT 03. it was awesome! our freshman one sucked but hey, we're expected to, right? whatever. the sophomores' was hysterical, i loved it. devin as daniel and zach as staley were really funny. johanna, cara, and stephanie did well as those cheerleaders too- i loved it when: Cara: can i have some of that water? Stephanie: Sure, here! Cara (spits it out all over the stage): i tho't you said this was WATER!!! Stephanie: w-well, i thought you liked seltzer!! (hehe) and i loved it when brad came out as jeff and said "everybody coming to the diving meet? GO DIVERS!!!!" that was great. the juniors' was... well... let's just say the sophomores should win next year since the juniors will be seniors! :) just kidding yall, just kidding. ron was good as atlas though. the seniors' was really good too. "hello, i'm your alleged teacher mr. faulkner..." diane got best actor! yay! austin and annetta as sophomore babies- "it's the seniors!! they won't let us go to their parties!! waaaaaa!" and zach- "a POOL cue? who would use a POOL cue to fight a minotaur? oh, i know, maybe last year's seniors!" lordie, hysterics all around. and yawns all around now. god be with the astronauts and their families and this world because we need peace more than anything. tomorrow is a busy day. yaaaaaaaawn.

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