Saturday, February 15, 2003

10:22 AM
g'morning to you all. very nice saturday- four hour rehearsal beginning at one, hope that definitely goes well. last night we ate BBQ chicken and stuff and then mom and i watched america's funniest home videos while dad and mason went to blockbuster to find a movie. there was a HYSTERICAL one with this teenage girl singing really loudly a love song to a poster of a famous guy (i guess) and she was being video taped!!! and at some point in the song the person videotaping spoke up and she started screaming!!! hahahaha. now i would have screamed too if it had been me, but hey, it wasn't. then we watched some of "monty python and the holy grail" that dad and mase rented. then i went up to bed and read some more of "guenevere: queen of the summer country" that dad bought me on his trip. today i woke up a little while ago and ate chicken for breakfast. then i came down here. did you know that they killed dolly the cloned sheep??? ack! well i am going to go put addresses in my address book. all of my friends out there- i would love to hear from you, so EMAIL ME!

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