Saturday, January 18, 2003

8:07 pm
brownies baking, a nice saturday night. woke up about quarter til 10 (love that), ate pizza for breakfast (heehee, yumm), then actually cleaned my room, did a bit of homework, watched "friends" episodes, ("hey joey, i wrote this song today... it's CALLED get up...") had pizza for lunch (heehee, yumm), did some other stuff, went out with kirsten to starbucks and for some math help, which was nice, conjectures aren't that bad so far. hopefully alyssa and i can see the two towers demain apres-midi! yay. church tomorrow as well, joy (seriously). not many youth will be present because of skiing but oh well, it's all good. lester is preaching! yay!! and i wrote some of leland's stories out today, i am proud of myself for that because i feel really bad that i haven't lately and it has been what, a year or something since he gave me them to type up. hopefully i can finish them all and get them to him ASAP because i really want to have that off my back and give it to him! they are great to read though, he is such a master storyteller of our family. started writing a bit more today, writing is damn good for the soul. so write some. ciao

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