Tuesday, January 14, 2003

5:25 pm
ya know the absolutely wonderful, fanastic thing about today? nowhere to go after school! not something i get to indulge in much these days. today was better than yesterday, although i am still very tired because i went to sleep at midnight last night (er this morning) after getting home from rehearsal (tough- we didn't get a break and finally finished choreographing all of the first- count it- FIRST number that is huge but we have so many more to do it's not even funny.......ahhhhhhhhh) and doing my math homework since i missed class. rusty just came down the steps! cute doggie. that mark twain tonight crack about dachshunds was MEAN! hehe. it is coold outside, i've heard possible snowy chances on friday??... oh, that would be joyous but there is no counting on it because it never happens when you think.. so no hoping! just let it happen if it does. i love that i am going nowhere ce week-end. c'est formidable! i should write letters to some college people. i also need to get those cds made for austin, david, and eric! ahhhhh... maybe ellen's cd burner would work.. if not, buy em off amazon. haha, i loved it last night- the "storytellers" pick two of their number to become adam and eve. me and buffy are like: "you two different genders? no? aw well, what the heck, doesn't matter, just get out there!" cause diane and buffy... yeah, you know. i've been napping in the parents' sunny bedroom, tis nice. i like those tis and twas things. tomorrow maybe we can go to WNS since i am not going to swim practice and right after supper is play rehearsal. coooool. ok gotta go do something else.. whatever that may be. ciao

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