Tuesday, January 28, 2003

4:26 pm
wow, i didn't write yesterday. anyway, the super bowl party was muchos fun on sunday night. went to the p-h household and hung out and ate chili and of course watched the game and the commericials and the halftime show. and gave marty her surprise birthday cake!! hehe that was good. yesterday was a fine day because guess what? ms. crow's class (containing lizzie, paul, martha, nazia, daniella, jen, adrian, etc.) has moved into A lunch!!!!!!!!!! :D grin! i know they don't like it but hey, i can understand because i hated it! but now they are in it too so it is good. tonight is practice and maybe kirsten can help me with my math. oh and last night was rehearsal, it went well, a lot of stuff got done. i worked with austin and chris on our parts for blocking and it is great to work with them. alex is my foot coach! haha. ah i was going to rewrite tonight is practice but then i realized i had already put it. mom made homemade oreos that are heaven, i love them so much. these next few nights are busy- tomorrow night is rehearsal, thursday is the last swim meet!!! and friday is my massage and i THINK les mis at paidea because molls said she was gonna get me a ticket but then george said it was sold out- so mollie, call me.. or i'll call you. ok gotta go peace

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