Thursday, January 09, 2003

4:20 pm
ugh i am annoyed because chorus lunch got switched to A lunch instead of B!!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!! that really, really stinks because ALL of my friends are in B lunch and i really don't know anybody really well in there. i think i will just sit and read or do homework or something. but it's terrible, made me feel like crying. stupid stupid stupid. grr. last night was sooo tiring, cammack pushed us hard with sprints in practice and then of course we practiced and practiced "let there be" and finally started to choreograph it. go austin with those extremely high notes!! then i went to bed around 11 because of homework. today was... blaah. my legs are really tired. geometry was better though, because i understood some. oh yeah, in PE we were running and doing stuff with the basketball (it was life-affirming, as cassandra said, oh yeah), cammack said "and who said swimmers aren't athletes!" haha, i feel like an athlete when i'm done with those sprints cammack! jeez. stupid stupid lunch switch, ruined my whole day. the nice thing is though that i have nothing to do tonight except go over to megan's and work on math before billy brown because we won't have time. and kirsten is a math professor! yay! hehe. tomorrow is the swim meet, guess i should call george and see if i can get a ride after it to billy brown. not sure, we'll see. language arts homework is easy, math i will work with megs on. time to go eat cookies! email me, i need communication. oh, and happy (belated) birthday to molls yesterday!

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