Tuesday, January 07, 2003

4:20 pm
gotta go get a blueberry muffin... be right back... ok, i'm back... yummmers. well had to get back to school today, dang it. it wasn't that bad, but it was weird having new classes! english is first, it's pretty good... then pe/health, which is not going to be very enjoyable as far as people and athletics are concerned... chorus is third and dr. meeks is a great teacher so that is always fun... plus, we have B lunch which is perfect because it's in the middle of the period and also i know a lotta people in it. it was funny, mary ann and me took a booth because we didn't think we'd know anyone else, and then who would walk in but martha, melissa, nazia, and paul! so we started off just as we had the first semester, in a small booth with extra people squeezing in. ha. megs, julia, laura r., etc. are also in that lunch period. then fourth period is geometry, and i hate math but dr. gramling is really nice. she's funny too. i have that class with megs, daniella, and all the STT people. so i have swim practice in a little while and i have to go do other stuff... peace to you all and have a good day

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