Wednesday, January 08, 2003

4:08 pm
allo, gotta be quick because it is a busy busy busy afternoon that follows. school was actually a good day, sort of apart from geometry because it is going to be tres dificile for me to keep an open mind and a positive attitude about. grrr. anyway, good language arts, had a fire drill and it was FREEEZING! brrr. PE was actually fun, we jogged and walked and then did basketball drills which were funny- michelle must beware of all balls flying her way! then went to chorus and on the way there saw a lot of people- paul, mike, ellen, etc.. i like seeing people in the halls! or on the stairs, or whatever. chorus was fine, lunch was fun, we had about 14 people at our round table. then geometry was... interesting. i just hate math so much and the teacher is good but the problem is that she loves math and i hate it and am not good at it and blah blah blah... i just hope i can do something to do okay in it. like make a high B or something. now i need to start my homework because i have swim practice at 5:30, then i have to leave a little early from that in order to get to musical rehearsal on time at 7 until 9 pm. phew. ok that's all, peace out

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