Tuesday, January 21, 2003

4:03 pm
yummm, moose tracks ice cream. heavenly. today was so-so, cloudy. got a 78 on my math test, not what i had hoped but oh well. hopefully tutoring will help me. last night at practice was pretty fun, not as stressful as last time. the snake dance looks EXCELLENT!! hehe. it is gonna be a for-sure show stopper.. as well as laura's gospel.. hehehe JEEEOSEPH! ugh, i have swim practice in a little while, that is going to be tiring. but only math homework; not really language arts, the outsiders test is tomorrow but it is a pretty easy and very good book. i have missed seeing a lot of my friends at school, and at church. i am looking forward to summer when it will be warmer and i can go to florida, etc. oh but i did get a letter from claire w. and my penpal. ok that's all... peace to everyone

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