Friday, January 24, 2003

2:49 pm but i don't think that is right because i don't have my ever-present watch on and the computer clock is either fast or slow, never just right...
happy no school day! woke up around 9:30 but read in bed til 11- "pay it forward" is a good book; wonder if that concept could ever really work? it'd be amazing if it could. but i think catherine hyde created a bit of a fictional united states population where everyone pays it forward. not that i don't have much faith in our people, but i know that not all of us are that kind or willing to be that kind. if only, if only... spent a little time cleaning up my room, or organizing it if you will, while actually making it messier. ah well. mom went out and i gave her money to buy chik-fil-a pour moi, so she came back from her haircut with a sandwich, lemonade, fries, and a brownie.. yay! read some of the princess diaries on the sunny sofa, called megs, etc... tonight is the confirmation kickoff which is craaazy because i remember ours! 2 years ago- jeez. all of us have changed so much. phew. anyway, see yall, going to write or do something else... peace out
~clairey who is wrapped up in a sleeping bag because it is cooold!!!

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