Sunday, January 12, 2003

2:25 pm
hi, i have been SO busy lately!!! ahhhhhh! anyway, on thursday night i went to megan's house and we finished our algebra review and our homework!!! 77 problems in 2 1/2 hours, yay! we were proud of ourselves. then on friday i had a swim meet against lakeside which was fun because marty was there and so was annie and a lot of other lakeside people i hadn't seen forever. it was a huge joke though because there are a TON more lakeside swimmers than us but oh well, it was enjoyable. then i had to go home, shower, eat, finish packing, and kirsten picked me up to drive me to billy brown (she had to go up there anyway to take megan back home for a game... anyway, whatever). we had a good time talking, i really had fun. we got lost because the way to the cabin is NOT 11 miles, it's 6! which we figured out after we had gotten lost. but we finally ended up making it there about 11 pm or so. megan and bo and george and beth were playing spades and buffy and diane and alex and rachel and kady were all upstairs and amy and chris and chris and steve were there too. we went to sleep around midnight or so and woke up around 8:30 saturday. ate breakfast (yummy biscuits), then planned for about 2 hours. youth sunday theme- "we've got good news!" lester came up with it and i love it, i think it's a great idea. it's gonna be a blue grass and gospel sort of thing, "aymen" with bill mallard and such. neat, neat, neat. then we pretty much had free time the rest of the day after a lunch of excellent grilled cheese sandwiches and an assortment of soups. amy and kady cooked brownies, kady also cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom for a majority of the time, bo, alex, beth, and george played more spades and the losers had to serve the winners dinner (bo and alex lost), i hung out and stuff... went for a walk in the woods with chris, chris, george, amy, lester, and steve. fun. then we talked about what we had planned and stuff. oh, and during the free time, we played zillions of cds (george has so many), including both acts of "children of eden". then last night was really fun, we made spaghetti and then had a worship (pebbles of love) and then had free time. buffy, megan, bo, rachel, and chris t. played hide and go seek outside til about midnight, then they decided to play rummy (because buffy didn't know how to play spades) OUTSIDE! so it was buffy and rachel against bo and megan and they decided that the losers had to stick their butts in the creek!!! at midnight in the freezing cold water in the freezing cold of january in the moutains!!! so me, alex, amy, george, and kady were inside talking and we locked them out of the house (hehe) and finally waited for the bloodcurdling screams of bare skin touching the freezing water. buffy fell all the way in! it was hysterical. we went to sleep about 2. then today, we woke up, ate breakfast, cleaned, and left. i really like that cabin! we didn't stop for lunch, just at a gas station, so i have eaten a klondike bar, a three musketeers, and a lemonade. and i have $10 left- i want panera! i might get it too because we have to go to office depot anyway. hope so! unfortunately i must skip choir and youth tonight because i haven't gotten much sleep and i still have math homework and another busy week ahead of me.. but then mlk weekend and i am doing nothing! maybe alyssa and i will go see the two towers! yay! :) that's about it... hope everybody had an excellent weekend...

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