Sunday, January 19, 2003

2:01 pm
it is soooo cold down here!! jeeez. it is sunny and warm upstairs though. yesterday after i blogged, i copied all my blogs onto microsoft word. on february 17, a year after i started this blog, i am going to print them all out. it is over 100 pages, can you believe it? i've pretty much written my own book! heehee. and we all know how much i like to do that. last night me, dad, and mason watched the us nationals for figure skating. i am glad michelle won, she had a great long program, and i am happy with silver for sarah. sasha- eh, she fell several times. then watched sarah's wonderful olympic tape, it's so fun to watch. today i woke up, showered, went to starbucks and church, zero youth were there except for mollie, laura, and myself and the two other than me were acolyting. i guess all the rest are skiing. ah well. i loved lester's sermon, it was really good. leah and reuben and simeon and levi and judah and stuff... hehe, laura being david's "mommy" and all. silly stuff. went to willy's with mom, dad, mase, mom, and barbara, then came home and relaxed in the sun and stuff. i think schoolwork will probably go undone til tomorrow, uh oh... am probably going to my fourth viewing of "the two towers" with mom, alyssa, etc. and then coming home to watch the golden globes. LOTR probably won't win anything. grrrrrr. ah well, stupid hollywood stuff. hehe. that i still love to watch. bye

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