Sunday, January 05, 2003

2 pm
yesterday i was at my grandparents' house and nana and i worked on the newsletter and then we went to lunch at the red lobster with mom and pop pop. then we went home and... did nothing much of importance. watched "when harry met sally". and some of "twister" on tv. then i went to sleep. i have had a really hard time getting to sleep lately and i don't really know why. i don't think it is my breathing but i am really restless. usually i like to go to sleep early when i can, but it's been esp. hard even if i'm going to bed later. and it is gonna be such a shock on tues. morning to have to wake up around 6:15 in the morning. yuck. i hope i can sleep soundly tonight and monday night and continuously because i have such a busy january-february schedule. today i woke up and went to starbucks and went to sunday school- we are officially sr. high people, which is interesting. it'll be nice when the grade below us- cole, christina, daniel and them- are in sr. high too because i love those guys. john is a great sunday school teacher though. megan was there! yay! good to see her. she said there was SNOW in CA!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it? and none here!!! twisted world. then we went to church- sat with megan, allie, sarah, chris, and david. pretty short service actually, wesley was only about 20 minutes. i have sorta laid off timing him because i think he's getting the jist that we like it a little shorter. had to say goodbye to david- he's leaving tonight. godspeed and peace and have fun in intense spanish and econ and theater stuff. he better e-mail. chris and i think that the jokes of the musical shall be "i cain't! i cain't!" "yes, you are abel (able)" hahahahahaha. i cain and i am abel... yukyukyuk. anyway. the first rehearsal is tomorrow night, i think it shall be good fun. hard but really rewarding. tonight is youth, no choir, molls is coming home from the mtns. or wherever she has been so hopefully we can go to dinner at panera. and then tomorrow is the last day of holdiays... grooooooan!!!! hmph. (sad face) ah well- every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. wow, i love that line. peace and safe journey to my older brother david and all other college students going back to school... you're in my prayers.

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