Sunday, January 26, 2003

1:39 pm
happy super bowl sunday but more importantly happy birthday martha!! yay. woke up and went to starbucks then to sunday school, then church- sat with the family, lotsa stuff going on today- souper bowl sunday, baptism, confirmand stuff, we ran out of bulletins cause we had so many people, and a new membership. allie and i walked around with the other kids to "child of blessing, child of promise" which was a trip back, hehe. mom had to stay at church for acolyte training (going on now) and so dad took me and mason to blimpi and we came home. just finished eating sandwich and cake and bundling up in order to come down here where it is freeeezing. hands are definitely cold.. tonight is choir and the super bowl party- no rehearsal today, yay! good break. last nigh t was fun, i did some of my homework and then after dinner we watched "about a boy"- excellent movie!!! hugh grant is awesome, and i loved the little kid. i love london, i want to go back really badly. and ireland too of course. last week of swim practice coming up i think! ciao

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