Saturday, February 01, 2003

11:39 pm
ahhh friday! "les mis" @ paidea was soooo awesome!!!!! i loved it. mollie was gorgeous and everyone did a great job. it made me cry at the end! it was sold out, full house. anyway, other news... trager massage was very interesting, i liked it. mr. kretchman died today :( but he was old (this is my grandparents' next door neighbor). life goes so fast. tomorrow i have to learn my lines and songs and how to recoil from a slap and how to fall on a stage... ahhhhh- rehearsal! oh i almost forgot about the shakespeare tavern this morning! jeez i have been to 2 plays today, both reallllly looong! romeo and juliet was SO good!! but SO depressing- as soon as he took the poison, he saw her arm move! dammit i hate that so much! grrr. ticked me off majorly. i am going to stunt night tomorrow night i think. adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow.... hahaha. thanks will shakespeare for those wonderful marvelous words

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