Monday, January 20, 2003

11:35 am
hola, i have homework to do so this is gonna be short. ahh, no schoool. nice. yesterday went to see LOTR with alyssa and mom and mason and zach. very good, bien sur. came home and watched the golden globes, no LOTR didn't win as we knew it wouldn't but there's always the oscars (ha) and there's always "return of the king". sheesh. so i have to read the rest of "the outsiders", study for "and then there were none" (the freakiest book i will never read again), finish math homework. i am really glad to have kirsten for my tutor. slept til about 30 minutes ago, wonderful. had the rest of my willy's chicken quesedilla or however youy spell it for breakfast. gotta go, there is rehearsal tonight, oohhh goodd. hehe. hope the ski retreaters get back all right. peace

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