Monday, January 06, 2003

11:27 am
wow it is really windy outside and it is cold in here because dad doesn't want our gas bill to get too high so we can't have the heat up as high i guess. anyway, this is the last day of vacation. noooooooooooooo!!!! hmph. i don't wanna wake up early tomorrow, etc. but tonight commences play rehearsals, so that should be fun. busy-ness begins!! i need to read some of tom sawyer, dang it. last night at youth was fun, we played "the worm" in the gym and then split up and the sr. highs talked about what we want to do for programs, etc. twas fun. woke up with a headache today but i took some motrin so i guess that helped. ok i need to go do something constructive... hrm... what could that be? peace, (PLEASE! i do not want us to go to war at the end of the month)

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