Monday, January 13, 2003

10 til 5 on monday afternoon
today was a bit of an interesting day... well went to french club except there really was no french club because not enough people showed up.. grrrr. and i PUT a durn announcement on the news on FRIDAY!!!! these people... hmph. anyway, went to english, twas fine, went to pe, now there's a different story... we have to jog before we start doing other stuff, right? so i was jogging fine, didn't get too worn out... but then after we stopped my stomach totally EXPLODED, it felt really bad!!! so i started walking around the gym instead of playing basketball and then i started to feel dizzy and black was flashing before my eyes and my ears were ringing, etc... not good stuff. so i sat down in the middle of the floor and cammack got me a powerade and i drank that and felt a little better but i was still tired so i sat there the whole time. i was cold but sweaty, it was really weird. yuck. so i went downstairs after and called mom but she wasn't answering so i called dad and he tried to get in touch with mom for me. i went to lunch and some of chorus and felt better but then mom came and picked me up. i've been resting some and feel better. tonight is open house at school but i have play rehearsal at 7. so that's it for now. peace and stuff

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