Saturday, December 07, 2002

9:30 am
aloha, c'est le weekend! joy! last night was a swim meet and i think we won, the other team was really small. i decided not to go to the lock in because i have had a bit of sleep deprivation this week and unlike some people i cannot live with it, and also i have a headcold and also it was nice to sit home and eat pumpkin pie and chicken and watch tv. seems like i missed hanging out with a lot of my favorite people in the world, but i don't think i could have enjoyed myself being as tired as i was. ah well. anyways, today i am going christmas shopping at the mall, probably with ellen. that's good. so friends, tell me what you want, or else i'll just get you something weird. it is gorgeous outside but freeeezing from the looks of it. 10 more days of school, thank god. then it will be christmas and all my friends will be home and stuff (except for megan and diane!! sniff sniff). so yeah... should be a fairly good weekend... today at four is a practice for all the readers for lessons and carols so i am doing that.. another problem for tomorrow, i am reading, acolyting, and singing at the 10:50 service. eye yie yie (or however you spell it)... peace friends

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