Friday, December 13, 2002

9:26 pm
bonjour to all peoples actually interested to know what is up in the world of claire, clairey, clarice, clairepear, clairebear, clee, and the many other names she is known by. well, my busy week is finis!!! (finished) YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!! ahhh happy. but i did not write yesterday, so yesterday i came home and then later went to the chorus, orchestra, and band concert. it was good but looooong!! i loved seth's arranged orchestra piece!!! it was sooo good. and the faculty chorus was good too. yaawn. then i had to go home and do my french portfolio. no, i do not know what time i went to bed because i decided to put the clock away so i would not know. it depresses me too much when i know how late it is and i am still up working. so i started at 9:40 pm, and it took me about 2 1/2 hours i would guess. yaaawn. then to bed. then woke up today, went to school, pretty good day, esp. in french because we did nothing except play mille bourne, practice les mois de l'annee and talked about what we are going to do after highschool. sarah has the busiest life planned out as a 15 year old that i've ever known!!! half the people weren't there because they were probably working on their portfolios, haha. oh and yesterday we dissected frogs in biology, it was tres interessant. robin is going to be an autopsy person, i can tell. anyways, in chorus we watched tarzan cause dr. meeks was not present. then home, actually dropped kat off first, THEN home, then got ready for swim meet, went to swim meet, had a good time, 400 free relay team consisting of jessie, moi, stephanie, and caroline rocked it out by helping the girls come from behind by two points to win the meet!!!!! yayay. proud of that. good people on that team. i'm glad i didn't quit. since we got home, i've eaten chicken and pumpkin pie and lay on the sofa watching friends videos. what a nice friday night. i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (could go on forever with that!) happy for sister katie!!!!!!!!!!! (could go on with that too!) wow, how awesome!!! can't wait for college peoples to get home this week. it's gonna be a better week than last week, except it's FINALS... dun dun dunnnnn. ahhhh!! but my reward for getting through the last 5 days of school will be going to see the two towers on a week from tonight!!! YAY! happy times are approaching, siiiigh... peace and a wonderful weekend. -claire

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