Sunday, December 15, 2002

8:25 am
good morning all, i am up semi-early. i woke up at 7:20 and lounged around in bed for another 45 minutes. nice when ya can do that. meeting the molls at our favorite village hangout, starbucks in a bit.. last night was chris's party, it was fun.. went to a japanese restaurant and they cooked in front of us!! i twas yummy. i love addy. she is so funny. asking questions all the time. :P then we went back to his house and watched "pretty woman" until we found out it was rated R (no, allie did NOT know when she told us it was a good movie!) and then we watched good ole "shrek". today shall be a good sunday. starbucks, sunday school, church, lunch with the fam at the club, home for a bit to do some homework and probably should get a start on studying for my many tests this week (dang it!), then to choir (singing xmas songs!!!), then to youth advent potluck and service (which i helped plan! melissa, addy,and mollie shall be singing in a trio). good good. g'bye yall, have a wonderfullll day!

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