Sunday, December 01, 2002

7:08 pm
watched more of lotr, took a nap, read foxtrot, went to choir, worked HARD on "wolcum yole" (thank you molls!!!!), ate pizza with my crew.. i love em soo much and it is even better when college people are home. austin, david, thomas, chris, molls, megs, etc. etc. good times. i do not jump when they tickle me but mollie does, hehe ("jez"- that was funny mollie:D). safe flight back to umich for david tomorrow early in the morning. ugh you guys christmas is sooo soon, 15 days left of school, i cannot wait. i want out of school NOW!!! no more work, no tests, no papers, no finals, no projects, blah blah blah. ok i need to stop procrastinating and finish writing my paper and my outline so i can get to bed at a reasonable hour and maybe slip in some more lotr. it is soo good. ok so now the countdown for school to be out begins- 15 DAYS!! (wow- i need to get christmas presents for people SOON!)

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