Saturday, December 07, 2002

6:05 pm
guess what happened this afternoon? I got off the internet and then i got a phone call from elizabeth!! and then she drove over here with katherine n-d and kelsey!!! i hadn't seen her in 6 months, it was so awesome to see her, yay! makes me happy. she hasn't changed. :) gave them the free tour of my not-so-new house and then she drove me to church because of the practice for the readers. and then i saw john and helen too!! ahh a day filled with the majority of the simmonses, how wonderful since that never happens anymore. mum and dad are out this evening, and i need to write my paper for rakers and also start my portfolio for french, goldurnit. went christmas shopping with ellen and roxanne earlier, got some stuff for some certain peoples.. although i shall not tell who(m?) here! but i have a grrreat gift idea for all 3 of the irish ascendants, they know who they are.. yay, i hope that will work out in time for christmas eve services whence i shall see them. i dunno where that "whence" came from, so please don't ask. i am cleaning out my email account.. a lotta messages from loong times ago. but i save some of them. yeah ok gbye and gnight.

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